Parlour Car ~ October 30th, 2014


Before we get into the particulars of this week’s show, we’d like to address an important item of business.  Given the ebbing and flowing of careers and obligations there’s been a bit of a reorganization within the Parlour Car production team.  Without further ado (adieu?), we’d like to say that we are over the moon to announce that the newest producers of Parlour Car will be none other than THE MOTHERFUCKING PUTERBAUGH SISTERS.  If you’re not excited about that, throw your laptop out the window because you’re ruining it for all of us.  Even if you’re not excited about it, simply get those bees outta your bonnet and peep this week’s lineup:

Matty Ryan (JFL Chi; Parlour Car)
Sean Flannery (JFL Montreal; Blackout Diaries)
Brian Babylon (Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me!; JFL Chi)
Shane Torres (JFL Montreal; visiting from Portland)
Kristin Clifford (JFL Chicago; Laugh Factory)
Charlie Bury (Lincoln Lodge; Laugh Factory)
Emily Galati (Zanies; Laugh Factory)
Jake McKenzie (Stand Up Stand Up; Laugh Factory)
Special Guest? (Probs)

Put on your favorite pair of dancin’ pants, and let’s make a thing out of this. Don’t forget to holler at three or five of your best friends to make sure they’re present to ensure we don’t break the streak of Best Friends Nation.
Free. 9pm. Bar DeVille.