Parlour Car ~ November 20th, 2014


Hey friends.  Hello.  Let’s hang out.  It’s cool if you can’t have people over, we’ll have everyone over at our place.  And we’ll throw together a super fun standing up comedy show with some of our best friends from Chicago and New York and LA  and then we’ll all just hang out forever.  Cool?  Word.  Lineup peep:

Stephanie Hasz (Comedy Expo; Parlour Car)
Marty DeRosa (Comedians You Should Know; Leaving us for NYC)
Candy Lawrence (Chicago Underground Comedy; Laugh Factory)
Junior Stopka (Comedy Central; JFL Montreal)
Bret Hiker (Visiting from NYC)
Paul Thomas (Chicago Underground Comedy; Ped Crossing)
Couple sneaky special guests? (Chah brah)

Okay so yeah, it’s going to be the best time ever like always.  Send your top three best friends flowers today and tell them to come to the show.  The flowers don’t even have to be that nice.  Just do the cheapest option.  No vase.  Boom.  Still super thoughtful.  See youse guys at the show.  9pm.  Free.  Bar DeVille.  PDRBF* Approved.  (People’s Democratic Republic of Best Friends)