Parlour Car ~ December 4th, 2014


Say there friends.  Hope Thanksgiving was real swell in the best kind of way.  We’re sorry if there was any confusion about last week’s hiatus, we figured you’d assume there wouldn’t be a show because it was Thanksgiving.  Okay cool.  Anyway, let’s make up for the T-givs absence by having the best time ever this week at this major hot fresh show.  Peep this lineup:

Matty Ryan (JFL Chi; Parlour Car)
CJ Sullivan (Comedy Central; Chicago Underground Comedy)
Kevin White (Arguments & Grievances Show & Podcast)
Martin Morrow (Comedians You Should Know; Laugh Factory)
Sonia Denis (Congrats on Your Success; Cole’s)
Nick Lavallee (Visiting from New Hampshire; Funny or Die)
Jenny Young (Visiting from LA)

Word. Okay so holler at your favorite boys and gals so we can all have that best friends party everyone’s so fond of. Free. 9pm. Bar DeVille. BFI (Best Friends International).