Parlour Car ~ December 11th, 2014


Oh you guys, hey.  Thanks for stopping by.  Sorry the place is a little messy, we’ve been super busy getting ready for ten thousand best friends to come over.  That might sound like a lot, but we’re overestimating on purpose just to make sure we don’t run out of stuff.  As long as you’re here, while we finish getting ready, how bout you peep this mega sweet tasty treat lineup for this week:

Puterbaugh Sisters (JFL Chi;  Parlour Car;  Blackout Diaries)
Matty Ryan (JFL Chi;  Parlour Car;  Blackout Diaries)
Dave Drake (Blind Bet Show;  Laugh Factory)
Nick Rouley (Freak Happening;  RPM Pod)
Zach Peterson (Arguments & Grievances;  Comedy Expo)
Tom Brady (Girls’ Night Pod;  PBS)
Tim Barnes (It’s All True Pod;  Double Feature)
Alex Kumin (Lincoln Lodge;  Cole’s Cabaret)

Yeah, we know, that thing is nasty-style ridiculous. Go ahead and holler at a few of those best friends of yours, because this week’s show is gonna be FOR REAL.
Free.  9pm.  Bar DeVille.  BFA. (Best Friends Amalgamation)