Parlour Car ~ January 22nd, 2015


Yo buds, this show update is super way behind schedg so we’re gonna cut through the horseplay and get right into the business of things with this FAQ section:

Will this week’s show be major awesome?  
Yes, unquestionably.

Is Parlour Car mega fun and great every single week? 
Every single week, without fail.

Should I bring as many best friends as I can, as often as I can?
Yes for sure.

What’s the lineup this week?

Junior Stopka (Comedy Central; JFL Montreal; Bomb Cellar)
Calvin Evans (JFL Chi; Blind Bet Show; Laugh Factory)
Stephanie Hasz (Parlour Car; Comedy Secrets; Comedy Expo)
Jono Zalay (Comedy Central’s Up Next; Visiting from NYC)
Kristin Clifford (Lincoln Lodge; Performance Anxiety)
Sean White (Beef!; Dead and Gone)
Dave Losso (Yeah Buddy Awesome Time; Best Night Ever)
Special Guests?

Ok so, word.  The answers to any possible questions you may have are right there.  Grab your bests and let’s get into it.  Free.  9pm.  Bar DeVille.  WWBFF.  (World Wildlife Best Friends Fund)