Parlour Car ~ February 12th, 2015


Friends hey.  This is super late again.  As usual.  You’re the best.  This show is super fun.  We all have cool friends.  Let’s get all our friends together to hang out at this rad show.  By default the combination of all of those things results in a best fun cool rad night.  Peep this lineup:

Adam Burke (JFL Chi; Oddball Fest; Parlour Car)
Puterbaugh Sisters (JFL Chi; Entertaining Julia; Parlour Car)
Reena Calm (Hoo Ha Comedy; Laugh Factory)
Tyson Karrasch (Blind Bet Show; iO)
Matt Riggs (Chicago Underground; Bad News Good Timing)
Taneshia Rice (Damon William’s Show; Laugh Factory)
Kevin Brody (Arguments & Grievances)
Phil Davidson (Splitsider; visiting from Milwaukee)

Okay so yeah come hang and we shall all haveth the phresh hot times.  Your best friends?  Call them in a big way.

Free.  9pm.  Bar DeVille