Parlour Car ~ March 19th, 2015


Hey friends.  Yeah hey.  Okay so special thanks again to Thrillist for naming Parlour Car one of the “13 Most Underrated Things in Chicago.”  That was cool and fun and neat.  If you’ve been to our show, it’s like, yeah you get it.  If you haven’t been to our show, it’s like, that’s fine, but you should try to make it a point to change that.  They’re way fun.  And they’re different every time.  And they’re always full of best friends.  And peep the lineup for this week:

Puterbaugh Sisters (JFL Chi; SF Sketchfest; Parlour Car)
Danny Kallas (JFL Chi; CYSK; Best of the Midwest at Laughfest)
Ramon Rivas II (Chucklefck; The Improv; in from Cleveland)
Ali Clayton (JFL Chi; Hoo Ha Comedy)
Sonia Denis (Congrats on Your Success; Cole’s)
Dale McPeek (
Sneaky Special Guest? (Yes)

Cool so yeah, this’ll be a major fun time and if you don’t go you’ll be bummed.  Send your three best friends an Edible Arrangement with an invite to Parlour Car, they definitely won’t be mad about it.  Free. 9pm. Bar DeVille.  USCBF (United States Court of Best Friends).