Parlour Car ~ June 4th, 2015


Yes hello now friends.  First off, a big thanks to John Mulaney for closing out the show last week, and a second thanks to everyone who was jammed into that back room.  Hopefully nobody missed it, but mathematically, most people did.  It’s cool though, we have another real fun rad show this week featuring an all-Chicago lineup of some of the absolute best comics in the city. F’real tho, peep dis lineup:

CJ Sullivan (Comedy Central;  JFL Chi;  Chicago Underground Comedy)
Matty Ryan (JFL Chi;  Parlour Car;  Blackout Diaries)
Puterbaugh Sisters (JFL Chi;  SF Sketchfest; Parlour Car)
Adam Burke (JFL Chi; Bridgetown Comedy Fest;  Wiggle Room)
Stephanie Hasz (Comedy Expo;  Bridgetown;  Parlour Car)
Calvin Evans (JFL Chi;  Blind Bet Show;  Jokes and Notes)
Drew Frees (JFL Chi; Oddball Festival; Laugh Factory)

Okay word.  The weather will be way sweet so throw some shorts on and embrace those winter calves.  Call your four best friends and see if they’ll wear matching group jorts with you.  You’ll prolly regret it, but everyone you see will appreciate it.

Free.    9pm.    Bar DeVille.    BFMJSAFTA (Best Friends’ Matching Jean Shorts Academy for the Arts)