Parlour Car ~ June 11th, 2015


Yo friends.  Yet again we must start the post with a little gratitude here.  Big huge double thanks to Marc Maron and Bobcat Goldthwait for closing out the show last week.  If you’re bummed that you keep missing our fun shows, the best way to prevent that is to come hang at our fun shows.  Like the major fun show we have this week with pals from New York and London.  Peep this lineup:

Puterbaugh Sisters (JFL Chi; SF Sketchfest; Parlour Car)
Kyle Ayers (New York Times; Brooklyn Comedy Fest; in from NYC)
Azhar Usman (MTV; Allah Made me Funny)
JF Harris (New York Comedy Fest; the Improv; in from NYC)
Em Brown (JFL Chi; Jokes and Notes)
Cynthia Levin (Second City; in from London)
Nate Simmons (Chicago Underground Comedy)
Special Guest (yes)

Word so yeah.  Venmo your best friends each $5 and when they ask what it’s for say you just bought them a drink at Parlour Car.  They’ll be confused, but they’ll prolly figure it out.  Free. 9pm. Bar DeVille.  BFEPES (Best Friends Electronic Payment Enthusiasts Society)

IMG_6973 IMG_6996