Parlour Car ~ July 30th, 2015


Hey friends.  Before we delve into this week, we must give a very special thanks to Jeff Garlin for closing out the show last week.  Super great.  Now, onto this week.  There’s not a lot of time to waste chatting about how cool and fun it’s going to be, but trust that it shall be.  Half the lineup is outta-town guests, but the whole lineup is sweet pals.  Peep this week’s lineup:

Aparna Nancherla (Conan; Comedy Central; WTF Pod; VH1; in from NYC)
Mateo Lane (Comedy Central; MTV; JFL Montreal; in from NYC)
Matty Ryan (JFL Chi; Parlour Car; Blackout Diaries)
Tom Brady (JFL Montreal; Girls’ Night Pod; moving to NYC on Monday)
David Heti (JFL Montreal; in from Montreal)
Natalie Shure (The Atlantic; The Onion; in from NYC)
Zach Peterson (Arguments & Grievances; Comedy Expo)
Bill Bullock (Congrats on Your Success; Cole’s Cabaret)

Cool cool fun.  It’s pretty obvi how rad this show is going to be.  Tell your best friend you want to make a vodka-lemonade stand with them.  When they tell you it’s illegal, pretend that you’re crestfallen, then say the only thing that will make it better is if they go to Parlour Car with you.  Such a sweet plan.
Free. 9pm. Bar DeVille. BFOFFVLSDAWSE (Best Friends’ Organization for Fraudulent Vodka Lemonade Stand Decoys and Widespread Summer Enjoyment)