Parlour Car ~ August 13th, 2015


Whoa-kay friends, yo.  Sometimes it’s like, “is this post late?”  And then it’s like, “yeah, it’s def late.”  But then we’re like, “hasn’t it been later before?”  And then you’re like, “yeah, it’s for sure been way later a shitload of times you dork peens.”  Then we’re like, “you’re right, we’re major sorry.”  And therein lies the rub: whatever way you slice this cake-pie, it’s a tasty lineup, so let us all peep it in a big way:

Mike Lebovitz (JFL Montreal; CYSK; Montreux Comedy Fest)
Saurin Choksi (Fuse TV; Boston Comedy Fest; in from NYC)
Matty Ryan (JFL Chi; Blackout Diaries; Parlour Car)
Puterbaugh Sisters (JFL Chi; SF Sketchfest; Entertaining Julia)
Danny Kallas (JFL Chi; CYSK; Laughing Skull ATL)
Kate Willet (JFL Montreal; SF Sketchfest; in from San Francisco)
Nick Rouley (FREAK Happening; iO’s Set to Scene)
Derick Lengwenus (JFL Montreal x5)
Special Guest? (Chah Brahs)

Okay also, like, we get it.  It’s summer in Chicago.  There’s cool fun outdoor things to do.  But this’ll prolly be more fun than sorta listening to Big Head Todd and the Monsters at your aunt’s block party, especially if that block party ran outta snow cones and firemen.  Safely smoke-signal your best daddyfriends and galpals to let them know about these hot best-friend times.

Free.  9pm.  Bar DeVille.  BFFSAWDOTIHT (Best Friends’ Fire Signal and Whiskey Department of the Interior Hot Times)