Parlour Car ~ September 3rd, 2015


Friends whoa hey.  Look there’s no way around it, September is here.  It’s not really fall yet, but it’s def September in a big way.  Like we’re already into it.  All of us.  Yeah.   Anyway, on a less aggressive and more positive note, the weather will still be nice for a way long time.  Plus it’s important to remember that there’s a lot of joy in the world.  Sure, joy must eternally coexist with sorrow in a weird way, but maybe let’s try to focus on the joy part?  Yeah?  Cool yeah.  Also, peep this sweet meats lineup:

Sean Flannery (Comedy Central; JFL Montreal; Blackout Diaries)
Puterbaugh Sisters (JFL Chi; SF Sketchfest; Parlour Car)
Matty Ryan (JFL Chi; Parlour Car; Blackout Diaries)
Calvin Evans (JFL Chi; MiHiChi; Jokes and Notes)
Sean White (BEEF; Dead & Gone Album; Major Dead Family)
Alex Kumin (Lincoln Lodge; Cole’s Cabaret)
Kevin White (Arguments & Grievances; Bridgetown Comedy Fest)
Peter Kim (Second City; iO Theater)

It’s like yeah hey for sure.  This’ll be the best like always so tell those best friends of yours that the bike ride/gelato date is cancelled because it’s too hot outside.  Then tell them about the whiskeys and laughings at Parlour Car.  Then just fucking show up and hang and have a hoot.  Word?  Word.
Free.   9pm.   Bar DeVille.