Parlour Car ~ September 10th, 2015


Yo now friends.  Listen, late post here.  Not the latest, but late nonetheless.  Also like, we get it.  It’s real late on Wednesday night, you’re drunk, we’re drunk, it’s understood.  What should also be very much understood is how way major slick and rad this week’s show is.  Let’s all understand it together in a big way by peeping this lineup:

Pat McGann (Letterman;  Chicago Stand-Up Project)
Noah Gardenswartz (Last Comic Standing;  JFL MTL;  in from NYC)
Matty Ryan (JFL Chi;  Blackout Diaries;  Parlour Car)
Sean Keane (Comedy Central;  NBC;  in from LA)
Katie McVay (JFL Chi;  Chicago Underground Comedy)
Xavier Lemont (Zanies;  Riddles)
Irene McGee (The Real World: Seattle ’98;  in from NYC)
Dale McPeek (Cole’s Open Mic)

Word so yeah.  Also like here’s the sitch: this is always fun.  Come hang and high-five a pal and then low-five a different pal if you feel like it.  Whatever you’re into.  Bring some best friends and let’s get into it.  Free.   9pm.   Bar DeVille.