Parlour Car ~ September 17th, 2015


Hey friends yo.  Okay so yet another one of our super duper late posts here.  We’re real sorry.  But it’s here now so lets all move past it together whilst we share in a collective aura of forgiveness and positivity, yes?  Word.  This week’s show is for real about to be the most fun.  Pals back in town from New York and Los Angeles?  Yeah big time.  Peep this lineup in a large way:

Joe Kilgallon (TBS; CYSK; in from LA)
Stephanie Hasz (Bridgetown; Comedy Expo; Parlour Car)
Tim Barnes (This is All True! Pod;
Sonia Denis (Congrats on Your Success)
Chris Condren (JFL Chi; Zanies)
Goodrich Gevaart (FREAK Happening; Arguments & Grievances)
Charlie Rohrer (Bridgetown; Congrats on Your Success)
Jesse Baltes (College Humor; in from NYC)

Cool so yes.  This will very clearly be a hot fun time.  Tell several best friends about it with the assumption that only one or two will attend the show with you.  Hedging bets is important in this world.
Free. 9pm. Bar DeVille.