Parlour Car ~ October 8th, 2015

Oh my gosh, OK, it’s almost noon. Do you have your lunch plans ready? It’s supposed to be warm out. Maybe you’ll throw down some kind of sandwich on a patio? Do whatever feels right, but most definitely fuel up for tonight because we really want to see you seeing these comics:

The Puterbaugh Sisters (JFL Chicago; Entertaining Julia)
Stephanie Hasz (The Comedy Exposition; Parlour Car)
Kristin Clifford (JFL Chicago; Lincoln Lodge)
Taneshia Rice (Damon Williams Show; Jokes and Notes)
Trey Brown (Lincoln Lodge)
Justin Golak (Rooftop Comedy; Columbus’ Entertainer to Watch)
Brett Erickson (Visiting from LA)

Text your friends some emojis about it. Maybe smiley face with sunglasses or smiley face with hearts for eyes. Maybe that weird, purple sweet potato. Whatever it takes to get them out of the house and drinking Moscow mules. Free. 9pm.  Bar DeVille.