Parlour Car ~ October 14th, 2015

How’s your Halloween month going? You do celebrate Halloween as an entire month, right? I mean, don’t walk around in costume or anything, but definitely make sure you’re seeing enough plastic skeletons on a daily basis. And we wouldn’t hate it if you brought some fun size Snickers to this week’s show, which will feature these great pals:

Calvin Evans (JFL Chicago, Jokes & Notes)
Alex Kumin (Lincoln Lodge, Cole’s Chicago Cabaret)
Carmen Morales (Fox, Gilda’s LaughFest)
Lance Allen (Visiting from LA)
Kolin Bohannon (World Series of Comedy)
Chris O’Connor (Visiting from Philly)
John Eide (Bughouse Theatre)

Bring a friend. Bring a lover. Bring a family member. Bring a robot you’ve brought to life through a combination of ingenuity and the dark arts. Live forever through the power of friendship. Free. 9pm.  Bar DeVille.