Parlour Car ~ October 22nd, 2015

Hey, guys. We’re just over here, staring at the changing leaves, thinking about the passing of time and, well, we miss you. Maybe we saw you last week, but it never feels like enough, you know? Come on out this week and trade jacket layering tips with us over a piping hot mug of PBR:

Clark Jones (The Knitting Factory; JFL Chicago)
Sumukh Torgalkar (MAD Magazine; Visiting from Cleveland)
Matty Ryan (Parlour Car; JFL Chicago)
Jeanie Doogan (Laugh Factory; Zanies)
Eli Yudin (Visiting from NYC; @NotTildaSwinton)
Kristin Clifford (Lincoln Lodge)
Nate Simmons (Chicago Underground Comedy)
Dave Losso (Yeah Buddy Awesome Time)

Here’s what we need you to do: go to a pumpkin patch. Find a pumpkin that really speaks to you. Name it. Decorate it. Carve a friendly face into it. Wake up the next morning and see that it has come to life in the form of a beautiful, orange-haired stranger curled up on your front porch. Bring the pumpkin stranger to its first comedy show and fall in love. Free. 9pm.  Bar DeVille.