Parlour Car ~ November 12th, 2015

We’re sitting in Parlour Car HQ, drinking a piping hot Irish coffee (that’s a coffee with a corned beef twist), wondering what could warm our hearts on this cold, autumn day. Then it occurred to us: what about a comedy show? What about a comedy show boys night because it’s Stephanie’s birthday in 3 days, so she’ll do whatever the heck she wants (except swear because maybe this is a PG blog, she’s not really sure). Anyway, check out all these tasty fellas:

Stephanie Hasz (The Comedy Exposition)
Nick Rouley (Nervous Breakdown)
Ricky Gonzalez (Lincoln Lodge)
Kyle Scanlan (The Whiskey Journal)
Jay Washington (Laugh Factory)
Cameron Gillette (Chicago’s answer to Michael Winslow)
Joe Fernandez (Chicago Underground Comedy)

Look up a recipe for some really impressive, savory cupcakes that you’ll bake to celebrate birthdays and comedy and friendship. Realize you don’t own an oven mitt. Go to a bakery instead. Befriend everyone there. Bring them to the show. Share a bag of tamales with your new friends.
Free.  9pm.  Bar DeVille.