Parlour Car ~ January 14th, 2016


Yo hey pals, first off, a very special thanks to TJ Miller, Nick Vatterott, Brady Novak and Mark Raterman for stopping by last week to close the show out.  Way major fun.  Now on to this week’s show and this, yet again, super late post.  Should we always just post these on Thursdays?  No we should not, but that’s what’s happening and we’re sorry.  However, a thing that we’re unapologetic about is how super dope tonight’s show is.  Because it is.  Super dope. Wanna peep?  Let’s peep:

Natalie Jose (NBC’s Last Comic Standing; OWN Network)
David Drake (SF Sketchfest; Laugh Factory; Zanies)
Em Brown (Jokes and Notes; Laugh Factory)
Stephanie Hasz (Bridgetown; Comedy Expo; Parlour Car)
Paul Farahvar (Laugh Factory Chicago/Hollywood; Singles Only)
Lem Slaughter (JFL Chi; Jokes and Notes; Laugh Factory)
Special Guests? (Prollyyyyyy)

Tightttttt.  Another sweet bonus is that there’s a heatwave today and it’s over 30 degrees so grab a few toasty best friends and get there by 9 if your best friends like sitting more than they like standing. Word.
Free.     9pm.      Bar DeVille.