Parlour Car ~ January 21st, 2016


Yooooo friends hey hi.  Okay so sometimes it’s like, are we seriously trying to see how late we can post these lineups?  The answer is no, we’re just real laid back and by “real laid back” we mean “kind of dumb.”  It’s not on purpose.  If it was truly up to us and not wholly dependent on our shortcomings we’d post these at 8am on Monday, and pay for everyone’s Uber to and from the show, and provide unlimited free whiskey, and provide limited free drugs because some people are animals so limitations are necessary but hey we’re not judging.  Alas, since we’re not billionaires we can’t do any of those things.  What we CAN do, is throw a way major rad free comedy show and party every Thursday.  Like tonight.  Peep this cool fun lineup:

Adam Burke (Funny or Die; JFL Chi; Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me)
Matty Ryan (JFL Chi; Parlour Car)
Calvin Evans (JFL Chi; MiHiChi; Jokes and Notes)
Kristin Clifford (JFL Chi; Lincoln Lodge)
Justin Golak (Rooftop Comedy; Strong Uninformed Opinions Pod)
Cleveland Anderson (Hooray for Me Show)
Special Guest? (Chah dawg)

Word?  Word.  This is for sure gonna be super dope, and it’ll be the perfect night to grab a nice whiskey and nestle up next to the faux fireplace, which will not be on.  But the candles are real and will be on, so that’s tight.  Bring a coupla those best friends we keep hearing about and get there by 9 if you dig sitting more than standing.
Free.  9pm.  Bar DeVille