Parlour Car ~ January 28, 2016 ~ 3 Year Anniversary SHOW/PARTY


YOU GUYS WHOA.  FRIENDS.  HEY.  Tonight marks three years of way major hot fun cool dope Parlour Car shows.  There’s been too many best friends to count and way too many sweet hot times to even begin to reflect upon.  If you’ve been to one of our other anniversary shows, first of all, dope thanks, but yeah you know how this goes down.  If you haven’t been to one of our anniversary shows, they’re super rad and fun and feature like 20 of our favorite comedian pals doing short sets and maybe we’ll pass whiskey bottles around the whole room like best friends are wont to do.  It’ll be cool and silly and everyone will party their buttholes off.  Plus a couple sneaky special guest pals from NYC and LA never hurt anyone so we’ll do that too.  Peep this firepants lineup with too many credits to list:

CJ Sullivan
Matty Ryan
Stephanie Hasz
Adam Burke
Dave Helem
Danny Kallas
Alex Kumin
Martin Morrow
Marlena Rodriguez
Tom Brady
Jim Flannigan
T. Murph
Abi Sanchez
Sonia Denis
Melody Kamali
Charlie Rohrer
Katie McVay
Special Guest
Special Guest

Okay like right? This is gonna be a serious hoot. Tonight it’s extra important to bring some best friends, because parties full of best friends are the best kind of parties. Dope? Dope.
Free. 9pm. Bar DeVille.