Parlour Car ~ February 25th, 2016

Tonight is THE night. Which night, you’re wondering? The night that you’re going to look in the mirror and say to yourself, “I deserve this. I deserve comedy and beer in a goblet and the respect of my peers for always doing such cool activities.” With that weight off your shoulders, you can come out and enjoy this hot lineup:

Calvin Evans (JFL Chicago; Jokes & Notes)
Adam Burke (Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me; Oddball Fest)
Stephanie Hasz (Parlour Car; The Comedy Exposition)
Jonah Jurkens (The Blind Bet)
Cleveland Anderson (Hooray for Me Show)
Shannon Noll (We Still Like You)
Dave Losso (Yeah Buddy Awesome Time)
Other pals? Absolutely.

Don’t even give it a second thought. Throw it in your phone calendar. Set up a repeating event with a 2 hour alarm because you want to give yourself time to look as foxy as possible. And maybe prepare a sensible meal first. Invite your grocer to be your guest at the show. If you don’t have a grocer, go back to 1952 and get one, then make sure you both arrive by 9:00 so you can get a seat.
Free.  9pm.  Bar DeVille