Parlour Car ~ March 17th, 2016


Hi friends yo okay so two things.  First of all, we gorfed and forgot to update the site last week but everyone still came and partied which ruled so thanks for that.  Secondly, we know it’s St. Patrick’s Day tonight, which is cool and fun and great, but we won’t be doing any Paddy’s Day schtick-y stuff because there’s plenty of that everywhere else.  What we WILL be doing, is having a super dope and way rad comedy show featuring comics from Chicago and around the country.  Peep this nast lineup of fun pals:

Amy Miller (NBC’s Last Comic Standing; Portland’s Funniest Person)
Marty DeRosa (CYSK; Wrestling With Depression Pod)
Alex Kumin (Lincoln Lodge; Limestone Comedy Fest)
Jeff Scheen (Gilda’s Laugh Fest; in from NYC)
Laura Sanders (Limestone Comedy Fest; in from New Orleans)
Eliot Rahal (Dark Horse Comics; The Doorman; in from MPLS)
Lainie Lenertz (Hoo Ha Comedy; Memphis Comedy Festival)
Tyler Jackson (Late Late Breakfast; Cape Fear Comedy Fest)

Word. Also to be clear we’re not anti Paddy’s Day, we simply won’t have green beer or bagpipes or 19 year olds fight-barfing each other.  Dope?  Dope.  Bring a best friend or nine and let’s party.
Free.   9pm.   Bar DeVille.