Parlour Car ~ March 24th, 2016

Hoo boy, if you missed last week’s show, I don’t even know what to tell you. You missed out. We’re not trying to make you feel bad or anything, but it was the funnest of all fun times. Let’s try to top it this week, yeah? Check out these goofballs:

Natalie Jose (NBC’s Last Comic Standing; OWN’s My Life Is a Joke)
Mike Lebovitz (JFL Montreal; back home from NYC)
Dave Helem (Thank You Very Much show; Stand Up Stand Up)
Stephanie Hasz (Parlour Car; The Comedy Exposition)
Alex Kumin (Lincoln Lodge; Limestone Comedy Fest)
Kaitlyn Grissom (Making her Parlour Car debut!)
Miles Hendrix (VHS at @North)

It’s Easter this weekend, right? Maybe you’ve gotta go see your parents and eat eggs next to a toddler or something. You’ll probably wanna stock up on party first. Tie on a bonnet and get out here. Bring Peeps, we’ll eat ’em.
Free.   9pm.   Bar DeVille.