Parlour Car ~ April 14th, 2016


Hiiiiiiiii friends yokay.  No time for chatting because we’re seemingly incapable of firing off these posts at least twelve hours before the show starts.  And it’s like, we’re sorry, but our actions don’t correspond with the aforementioned remorse so it’s like, are we even actually sorry?  We are.  For real.  Big time.  We’re also super grateful.  Thanks a whole bunch to everyone for coming to hang out and party and watch cool shows every week, you pals are the best.  What’s also the best is tonight’s hot fun dope lineup with outta town friends and Chi friends so let’s peep:

Adam Burke (Funny or Die’s Oddball Fest; NPR’s Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me)
Kyle Ayers (JFL Montreal; New York Times; First Comes Love; in from NYC)
Taneshia Rice (Damon Williams Show; Jokes and Notes; Laugh Factory)
David Drake (Album: “Dave”; Laugh Factory; Zanies)
Julia Clare (Boston Comedy Festival; in from Boston)
Sydney Adeniyi (Laugh Factory; Zanies; The Improv)
Matt Chiramonte (Laugh Factroy; Crossbreed Comedy)

Doooope, dope dope dope dope.  Tonight is gonna rule so bring best friends and a positive attitude because we’re all gonna live forever.  Free.  9pm.  Bar DeVille.