Parlour Car ~ May 5th, 2016


Heyyyyyy hi hello okay so this post is def earlier than last week, so already we’re showing signs of improvement.  Is it marked improvement?  No way.  It’s a mere handful of hours before the show, so we’re still shitting the bed in this department in a very big way.  But also like, yo, isn’t this kinda fun?  It’s not?  People wanna know stuff before day-of?  Word we’ll keep working at it.  But while you’re here we’re obliged to tell you that tonight’s show is a red hot fire daddy featuring comedians from New York, Los Angeles, the television and the big screen.  Wanna peep?  Chah let’s peep:

Liza Treyger (Comedy Central Half Hour; MTV2; Chelsea Lately)
Chris Redd (NBC; FOX; ABC; Popstar Movie; JFL Montreal)
Matty Ryan (MTV; JFL Chi; Parlour Car)
Stephanie Hasz (Comedy Exposition; Parlour Car)
Zach Pugh (Rod Stewart Live!; in from LA)
Cleveland Anderson (Hooray for Me @ Pinwheel Records)
Ashley Huck (Memphis Comedy Festival)
Lucas O’Neil (Bridgetown Comedy Fest; Holiday)

DOPE.  This is fer sher gonna be rad dog central, whatever that means.  Grab ahold of those best friends with both hands and bring ’em along for a hot time.  WERD.  Free.  9pm.  Bar DeVille.