Parlour Car ~ May 19th, 2016


Hi friends hey okay so we’ve already regressed, as this post is def later than it was last week.  To make up for it we’re gonna have a super cool hot fun show tonight with New York friends and Los Angeles friends and a few friends from the television.  And also Chicago friends in a for sure.  It’ll be big time dope so let’s peep this lineup:

Felonious Munk (Comedy Central; Nightly Show w/Larry Wilmore)
Shane Torres (Conan; Comedy Bang Bang; JFL Montreal; in from NYC)
Sean Flannery (Comedy Central; This Is Not Happening)
Matty Ryan (MTV; Parlour Car; JFL Chicago)
Alex Kumin (NBC’s Breakout Fest; Lincoln Lodge)
Merrill Davis (Comedy Central; Hulu’s Comedy Dynamics; in from LA)
David Drake (Album “Dave”; Laugh Factory; moving to NY man!)
Brandi Denise (Laugh Factory; Jokes and Notes; Zanies)
Dale McPeek (Laugh Factory; RealCuteDude)

Okay so yo this will be major rad.  Do that weird thing where you call your best friend and ask to hang out in person, and then come to Parlour Car with them and it’ll be a way sweet best friends time for all.  Fer sherrrrrr.

9pm.  Free.  Bar DeVille.