Parlour Car ~ August 11th, 2016


Wordddddd hey friends.  To make up for the outrageously tardy post last week we’re getting the jump on it this week with this major early daddie.  Okay so it’s seven hundred degrees out which stinks way hard because it feels like living inside a dumpster fire that someone tried to extinguish with unrendered hog fat.  But yo it’s fine because  that’s what it’s supposed to feel like during a Chicago August.  It’s also fine because we make sure the back room is the frostiest boy on the whole block for maximum comfort.  Fer real it’ll be like Cuba Gooding is back there because everyone’s gonna be snow dogs.  Speaking of sweet dogs, let’s get a peep on tonight’s tasty pals:

Matty Ryan (MTV’s Acting Out; Parlour Car)
Claire Mulaney (SNL; in from LA)
Mike Stanley (FOX’s Laughs; Detroit Comedy Underground)
Paige Weldon (“Uncomfortable at Best”; RIOT LA; in from LA)
Marty DeRosa (CYSK; Wrestling with Depression Pod)
Logan Guntzelman (Hoboken Comedy Fest; in from LA)
Finn Straley (Coming to the Stage; Last Spaceman; in from LA)
Brandi Denise (Laugh Factory; Jokes and Notes)
Ali Clayton (Hoo Ha Comedy; Laugh Factory; moving to NYC)

Yoooo almost the whole lineup is outta town buddies so this’ll def be dandy pants central in a huge way.  Go out for some nice ice creams with your best friends and then tell them you gotta make a quick stop and then bring them to Parlour Car to meet up with all the other best friends.  Fer real it’ll be the best.  Free.  9pm.  Bar DeVille.