Parlour Car ~ August 25th, 2016


Holy sweet lord friends.  It’s like every time we say a post couldn’t possibly be any later, here we go and shart everything up big time.  First of all, shout out to Hannibal Buress for closing out the show yet again last week, that dude rules.  Now on to tonight, for which there is zero time to chat.  By this point if you’ve been to the show you know it’s super dope and fun, and best friends, and hot times and blah blah blahhhhhhhhh.  Tonight’s show will be like all the other super dope fun hot best friends ones before so come hang.  First let’s peep this lineup way hard:

Matty Ryan (MTV; Parlour Car)
Kristen Toomey (Comedians You Should Know; Laugh Factory)
T Murph (Key & Peele; NBC’s Chicago Fire; BET)
Alex Kumin (NBC’s Breakout Fest; Lincoln Lodge)
Ricky Gonzalez (Lincoln Lodge; “Kid Stuff” album)
Stephanie Hasz (Parlour Car; Comedy Expo)
Tyler Snodgrass (We Still Like You)
More? (probz)

Yokay cool. Hurry up with the best friends and let’s get into it.
Free. 9pm. Bar DeVille