Parlour Car ~ October 20th, 2016


Okay yoooo friends hey okay.  If you’re like us, you’re looking for a palate cleanser after witnessing a bloated, frothing, throbbing, leaky condom brimming with nazi diarrhea vie for the US presidency last night.  You know, the loathsome shit-beast.  So yeah let’s put that hate-filled portapotty in our rearview and have a good ol’ fashioned friendship hoot together.  With best friends.  Like we always do.  Tonight.  It’ll be way super fun and cool like it is all the time.  Holler at a couple best friends and take an autumnal stroll up to best friends central this eve.  But first let’s peep this hot beef:

Sean Flannery (Comedy Central; “This Is Not Happening”)
Rebecca O’Neal (Bridgetown Comedy Fest; RIOT LA)
Alex Kumin (NBC’s Breakout Fest; Lincoln Lodge)
Doc Love (Jokes and Notes; The Day Party)
Melody Kamali (Guest List Show; 100 Proof Comedy)
Mike Timlin (The Comedy Evening)
Joe McMahon (Laugh Factory; Crowd Works)
Stephanie Weber (Lincoln Lodge)

Cool okay so for sure big time.  This is gonna rule major hard.  If your best friends are busy tonight, still come anyway because there’ll be so many fun friends there.  Yep okay.  9pm.  Free.  Bar DeVille.