Parlour Car ~ October 27th, 2016


Hey hi hello friends hey okay cool let’s go.  Yo so it’s about to get way spooky this weekend which will be cool or dumb or weird or fun or annoying or all of the above simultaneously, depending how you look at this kind of stuff.  One fun way of coping is to exclusively offer tricks when given the choice of tricks or treats.  No one expects it or knows how to properly deal with it, which is a trick in and of itself.  Then if you add your own fun trick to the equation it’s like a double-trick-party.  Double-tricks is to tricks as full-sized candy bars is to treats, so by default you win every time.  But seriously though what the holy fuck did any of that mean.  Who cares.  Let’s peep this fresh spooky beef tart of a lineup:

Matteo Lane (Comedy Central; MTV; in from NYC)
Saurin Choksi (White Guy Talk Show; in from NYC)
Kareem Chapman (Comedy Central; “Hart of the City”; in from ATL)
Kristen Toomey (CYSK; Laugh Factory; BUTTHURT pod)
Erica Clark (Comedy Central; “Hart of the City”; How to be a  Stalker)
AJ Lubecker (Funked Up Fridays; Laugh Factory)
Casey Larwood (100 Proof Comedy)
Tristan Triptow (Laugh Factory)

Yo okay like look at how many fun cool pals are on this show and also how many fun cool pals are from outta town.  Gonna be way major dope because it always it.  Load up a wagon full of best friends and let’s get into it big time.
9pm.  Free.  Bar DeVille.