Parlour Car ~ November 10th, 2016


Friends.  Hey.  Okay.  Right off the bat we feel compelled to say that Parlour Car has always, and will always, be a bastion of acceptance .  A place to celebrate one another.  A place to embrace each other’s differences.  A place to laugh with strangers and friends.  A place where intolerance will never be tolerated.  And, yeah, sure, a place to get way super drunk and have a goddamned blast.  So that’s what we’re gonna do tonight.  Big time.  It’ll be the best like always, and we booked an extended lineup of dope pals which will rule hard so let’s peep:

Adam Burke
Matty Ryan
Alex Kumin
Rebecca O’Neal
Kristen Toomey
Em Brown
Reena Calm
Zach Peterson
Melody Kamali
Cleveland Anderson
Kristen Lundberg
Jordan Handren-Seavy

Like right?  Yes, right.  Okay so yeah come to this.  Also my mom sent me this email this morning and my mom rules:

“I’m reminded of the darkness when Nixon was president, millions being killed in Southeast Asia, we couldn’t get the Equal Rights Amendment passed or legalize abortion, women earned 51 cents to men’s $1, etc. Out of those times came some of our best music, poets, writers and ideals. I’m reminded that our grief must be channeled for the greater good. It’s a call to creative action, not a funeral. We are challenged to go forward with energy and resolve. I’m hoping we can all do so very soon, after we briefly retreat to our cocoons, nourishing our souls, only to emerge as stronger, wiser, more creative, energized, fabulously colorful butterflies with wings of steel to take flight. I love you.”

9pm.  Free.  Bar DeVille.