Parlour Car ~ December 1st, 2016


Hi hi hi hiiii friends hi.  Okay so tonight’s show is gonna rule in several different ways.  Like, it’ll rule in all the same ways it usually rules, but ALSO we’re donating all the money from the show to Planned Parenthood.  Our friend Julie from PPIL will be on hand to chat, administer high-fives, maybe give out some free buttons.  Dope.  Oh and obvi we have a hot sweet-gravy lineup of comedian pals from CHI, NY and le TV so let’s peep these gravy dogs:

Langston Kerman (HBO’s Insecure; Comedy Central; IFC)
Matty Ryan (MTV; NBC’s Chicago Justice)
Kellye Howard (Comedy Central; OWN;  NBC’s Last Comic Standing)
Alex Kumin (NBC’s Breakout Fest; Lincoln Lodge)
Rebecca O’Neal (Oddball Fest; NBC’s Breakout Fest; Bridgetown)
Paul Farahvar (Drink Date Laugh; Laugh Factory)
Nate Burrows (Laugh Factory)
Chris Damen (Power Hour)

Dopeeeeee dope dope dope dope.  Def make sure to bring some best friends to this, and make sure you all throw some hot cash in the donation bucket for Planned Parenthood because the more money we raise for them, the cooler it is.  Word.  9pm.  Free.  Bar DeVille.