Parlour Car ~ December 8th, 2016


Yooo friends okay so it’s for-real winter now and it is not fucking around.  But fret not, for the colder months make Parlour Car even more rad and fun and warm and dope.  We’re talking whiskies, candles, faux fireplace, best friends, oversized couches, laughings, more pals.  It’s the perfect respite from the cold weather and a necessary distraction from the bloated, leaky condom brimming with nazi diarrhea that is our president-elect.  Also when we say “distraction” we mean a minor, brief distraction because it’s imperative for everyone to stay focused, call reps, volunteer, donate, do something, do anything.  Anyway here’s a hot beef for the peeping:

T. Murph (Key & Peele; Comedy Central; NBC)
Matty Ryan (MTV; JFL Chi; NBC)
David Drake (CYSK NY;  SF Sketchfest; in from NYC)
Kristen Toomey (CYSK Chi; Laugh Factory; album: Mother. Fucker.)
Matt Ruby (Vooza; in from NYC)
Abi Sanchez (Laugh Factory; Funked Up Fridays)
Blayr Nias (Oddball Comedy Fest; FOX; in from North Carolina)
Tim McLaughlin (Laugh Factory; Blind Bet Show)

So yeah this’ll be way fun and dope with some best friends and outta town pals and cool treats.  Speaking of best friends, bring one or two or all of them because they’re the best.  It’s right in the name.  Word.

9pm.  Free.  Bar DeVille