Parlour Car ~ January 5th, 2017

Holy moses friends, way super late post here.  Might not be the best way to approach the first show of the new year, but it’s certainly not the worst.  Also, who knows what this year will have in store for us.  We don’t even know if this year deserves our respect yet.  We’ll give it our respect, but if it turns out to be an asshole let’s rescind our esteem and treat 2017 like its shitfuck older brother, 2016.  And yeah, 2016 was a boy; a girl would’ve never done all those mean bad things.  Anyway, tonight is gonna rule super hard and the lineup is way dope featuring pals from outta town and maybe some sneaky spesh guesters.  And we peep:

Taneshia Rice (Comedy Central; Damon Williams Show; Laugh Factory)
Dave Mizzoni (Comedy Central’s Comics to Watch; Funny or Die; in from NYC)
Xavier Lamont (Comedy Central; Laugh Factory)
Melody Kamali (Hoo Ha Comedy; Guest List Show)
Derek Smith (Lincoln Lodge; Chicago Mag)
Steven King (Limestone Comedy Fest; Super Talent Show)
Peter-John Byrnes (This Week in Despair; Limestone Comedy Fest)
Sneaky Special Guests (maybs; prollz)

Okay see it turns out we were right earlier when we said this would rule way super hard.  Bring best friends, a warm jacket for the journey, an open heart for more friendship, a positive attitude and your favorite pants to get drunk in.  Word.  9pm.  Free.  Bar DeVille.