Parlour Car ~ January 19th, 2017



Wellllllll okay then friends.  There’s no beating around the bush that tomorrow is gonna happen for real which is terrifying.  Honestly it’s hard to joke about.  Let’s enjoy a nice pre-oligarchy Parlour Car tonight.  It’ll be a real fun hoot with Chi pals, outta town friends, and a couple sneaky special guesters.  Grab a couple best friends in a big way because of course and friends rule and tonight is gonna rule so okay yes.  Let’s peep this lineup with double sneakies:

Felonius Munk (Comedy Central; Black Side of the Moon)
Reena Calm (Laugh Factory; Zanies)
Brandi Denise (Laugh Factory; Revival Theater)
Nick Rouley (Jam Sandwich Pod; Freak Happening)
Charlie Vergos (Laughing Skull Fest; Hell Yes Fest)
Sneaky special guest (yaz)
Sneaky special guest (yazzz)

Dopeeeeee dope dope dope.  So again with the best friends thing, because they’re the best.  Call a few.  Grab some drinkies.  Have a time.  Come to Pcar.  Is good.
9pm.  Free.  Bar DeVille