Parlour Car ~ January 26th, 2017 ~ 4 Year Anniversary SHOW/PARTY

Yoooookay friends hiiiiiiiiii.  Before we delve into tonight’s show let’s quickly touch on the horse-fuck of a week it’s been since last Friday.  It’s very bad.  Scary, even.  Keep calling your reps.  Take care of each other.  Pay attention.  These are all very important. And while it feels strange to engage in an anniversary celebration while in the midst of this fresh nightmare, it’d be more strange and sad and weird and not-cool if we didn’t, so let’s fucking party tonight.  Tonight marks the 4 year anniversary of Parlour Car, which means a super dope fun cool show/party featuring 20 or so of our favorite comedians doing short sets.  It’s always a delightful shitshow in the best kind of way.  Let’s peep these sweet pals with too many TV/film/standup credits to list but we did some anyway:

Sean Flannery (Comedy Central; This Is Not Happening; Mash Up)
Matty Ryan (MTV’s Acting Out; NBC’s Chicago Justice)
Felonius Munk (Comedy Central; The Nightly Show)
Kellye Howard (NBC’s Last Comic Standing; NBC’s Chicago Justice)
Adam Burke (NPR’s Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me; Funny or Die’s Oddball Fest)
T. Murph (Comedy Central; Key & Peele; NBC’s Chicago Fire)
Danny Kallas (Comedians You Should Know; Laugh Factory)
Rebecca O’Neal (WCIU; Bridgetown Comedy Fest; Laugh Factory)
Marty DeRosa (Comedians You Should Know; Wrestling w/Depression)
Kristen Toomey (Comedians You Should Know; Laugh Factory)
Alex Kumin (NBC’s Breakout Fest; Lincoln Lodge)
Reena Calm (Laugh Factory; Zanies)
Stephanie Hasz (Comedy Secrets; Comedy Exposition; Parlour Car)
Erica Clark (Comedy Central’s Hart of the City; Laugh Factory)
Rachel McCartney (Rainbow Connection Queer Comedy Tour; 100 Proof Comedy)
Kristen Lundberg (The Symphony; Laugh Factory)
Xavier Lamont (Laugh Factory; Zanies)
Abi Sanchez (Laugh Factory; Funked Up Fridays)
Melody Kamali (Hoo Ha Comedy; Guest List Comedy)
Ricky Gonzalez (Comedians You Should Know; Lincoln Lodge)
AJ Lubecker (Laugh Factory; Funked Up Fridays)
Paul Farahvar (Laugh Factory; Drink Date Laugh)
Dale McPeek (This Week’s Show; Stand Up Stand Up)

If you think this looks outlandish and ridiculous, you’re absolutely correct.  Like for real it’s insane on several levels but mostly in regards to quality and quantity.  Also, this is gonna be the most fun.  Bring a couple best friends to experience this with because best friends rule.  9pm.  Free.  Bar DeVille.