Parlour Car ~ February 2nd, 2017


Sup sup suppppp friends hey okay cool.  Actually not so much “cool” as it is “another week entrenched in a storm of shit-fire.”  If you don’t know what a shit-fire storm is, it’s that thing where fiery heaps of excrement rain down incessantly from above, and there’s a rapidly twisting tornado, also comprised of fiercely blazing feces, and no one can predict what the smoldering shit tornado will envelop next.  It’s that.  But Bar DeVille has a strong roof, and Parlour Car has a very strict “no lighting your shit on fire” policy, so tonight will be cool and fun and chill and rad.  Lineup features some fun Chi pals, NYC pals, TV pals, pal pals so yes cool let’s peep:

Andy Sandford (CONAN; Aqua Teen Hunger Force; in from NYC)
Matty Ryan (MTV’s Acting Out; NBC’s Chicago Justice)
Marty DeRosa (Comedians You Should Know; Wrestling With Depression pod)
Alex Kumin (NBC’s Breakout Fest; Lincoln Lodge)
Bill Bullock (Congrats on Your Success; It’s Happening!)
Meredith Kachel (Chicago Underground Comedy;
Eli Hamilton (Laugh Factory; Live From the Basement)
Nate Simmons (Chicago Underground Comedy)
Audrey Jonas (Hoo Ha Comedy)

Dope okay so yes good.  Do that thing where you call a best friend or two or three and you guys hang out for a while and smoke some vapes and then come to Parlour Car and hang super hard.  9pm.  Free.  Bar DeVille.