Parlour Car ~ February 16th, 2017

Hi, hello! The weather robot on my phone says it’s going to be 61 degrees tomorrow, so if you come out to the show tonight and drink until it’s tomorrow, you probably only need a light jacket. Is that how meteorology or time works? It’s hard to say. What I do know for sure is that all these pals will be on our not-really-haunted-haunted-stage tonight:

Derek Smith (The Lincoln Lodge)
Xavier Lamont (Comedy Central; Laugh Factory)
Reena Calm (Laugh Factory; Zanies)
Stephanie Hasz (The Comedy Exposition; Parlour Car)
Bill Bullock (It’s Happening)
Dan Sheehan (We Still Like You; Not a Wolf)
Madeleine Russell (Making her Parlour Car debut!)
Sam Norton (Last Parlour Car before moving to Canada!)

It’s gonna be good good good times. Also, we have a new couch. With a matching chair and everything. Come sit on it. 9pm.  Free.  Bar DeVille.