Parlour Car ~ March 23rd, 2017

Happy spriiiiiiiiiing!!! We’ve been ironing our cargo shorts all week in preparation for tonight. Those pockets are CRISP. Throw on your finest pair of flip-flops and pop some vitamins because we are ready to rage like party bears emerging from hibernation.

Bill Bullock (It’s Happening; Congrats on Your Success)
Stephanie Hasz (Parlour Car; The Comedy Exposition)
Jay Washington (Chiraq; back from LA)
Allison Dunne (Ladylike)
Nick Rouley (Jam Sandwich)
Ben Noble (Zanies)
Toby McMullen (Laugh Factory)
More people? Yeah, probably.

OK we need to go polish our sunglasses, so go take care of your business and we’ll see you tonight with 2 to 9 of your best friends. 9pm. Free. Bar DeVille.