Parlour Car ~ May 11th, 2017

Suppppppppp friends hello and good.  Tonight rules in a bunch of ways and one of the ways it rules is some fun outta town friends on the lineup.  Plus the regular Chicago friends that rule in a big way.  It’ll be major cool and good so do the best friends thing where you hang out with your best friends and then come to the show together.  There’s a sweet beef lineup right here so let’s peep it:

Saurin Choksi (FuseTV; 1st place in Boston Comedy Fest; in from NYC)
Peter Kim (Second City e.t.c.; Laugh Factory; The KiKi Show)
Joey Villagomez (HBO; Zanies; Laugh Factory)
Karl Hess (MTV; JFL Montreal; in from LA)
Deanna Ortiz (Lincoln Lodge; Hoo Ha Comedy)
Shannon Noll (We Still Like You; Baron Trump: Up Past Bedtime)
Mike Bobrinskoy (Best Week Ever; Laugh Factory)
Special Sneakers? (maybs)

DOPE okay cool this is good and fun and will rule.  Best friends.  Party time for real.  Let’s hang.  9pm.  Free.  Bar DeVille.