Parlour Car ~ May 25th, 2017

Hi okay friends good.  Tonight’s show is an extra special fun show for two reasons.  Number one is that we only ever have extra special fun shows.  Number two is the fact that most of the lineup consists of cool fun outta-town pals.  If you’re into good friends and other things that are good, tonight’s show will be good for you.  Peep these cool treats:

Brody Stevens (Comedy Central Half Hour; Conan; Enjoy It!; in from LA)
Janelle James (Comedy Central; @midnight; Seeso’s Night Train; in from NYC)
Erica Clark (Comedy Central; Hart of the City; “How to Be a Stalker”)
Ryan Donahue (Jimmy Kimmel; HBO’s Crashing; in from NYC)
Kristen Toomey (Comedians You Should Know; BUTTHURT pod)
Zach Martina (Funny or Die’s Oddball Fest; LaughFest; in from DET)
Jeff Scheen (FOX’s Laughs; Bridgetown Comedy Fest; in from NYC)
Zach Pugh  (SiriusXM; Rod Stewart Live!; in from LA)

Right okay so now you see what we meant earlier when we said this will be fun and cool and good.  Come hang with the friends.  9pm.  Free.  Bar DeVille.