Parlour Car ~ June 22nd, 2017

Whoa friends whoa whoa whoaaaaaaaaa jeez whoa.  Okay so maybs latest ever post which is rude but we’re all here together now so fret not.  No time for nonsense sentences, let’s get straight into it and peep this sweet, tasty dandy-pants lineup we cooked up for the purpose of tonight’s enjoyment:

Clark Jones (Knitting Factory BK; in from NYC)
Matty Ryan (MTV’s Acting Out; NBC’s Chicago Justice)
Alex Kumin (Lincoln Lodge; NBC’s Break Out Fest)
Dan Perlman (MTV; MTV2; Hindsight; in from NYC)
Sarah Sherman (Helltrap Nightmare; Lincoln Lodge; Ladylike)
Dale McPeek (Dale’s Very Important Comedy Show)
Raghav Mehta (The Onion; in from NYC)
Kristen Lundberg (America’s Got Talent;  The Symphony; Laugh Factory)
Justin Covington (Gilda’s Laughfest; Congrats on Your Success; in from Detroit)

Okay good and yes.  Bring friends, for friends are the best of all.
9pm.   Free.  Bar DeVille.