Parlour Car ~ June 29th, 2017

FRIENDS hey okay.  This post might be later than last week and we swear we’re not monsters.  Tonight will rule in a massive way with hot fun cool friends so let’s all have a nice peep:

Kristen Toomey (Comedians You Should Know; BUTTHURT pod)
Azhar Usman (MTV; CNN’s “America’s Funniest Muslim”; Chappelle’s opener)
Brian Babylon (Comedy Central; Inside Amy Schumer; NPR’s Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me)
Marilee Pheniece (NBC’s Break Out Fest; Laugh Factory; Not Another Black Movie)
Lem Slaughter (Laugh Factory; Zanies; Jokes and Notes)
Cameron Gillette (Laugh Factory)
Adam Kroshus  (Laugh Factory; Still Got It)
More friends? (maybs)

Cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool come hang and bring forth thy best crowned friends.  9pm.  Free.  Bar DeVille.