2018 Autumn Patio Series at Sportsman’s Club

Patio Series 1


We’re super stoked to announce the return of last year’s beloved Autumn Patio Series at Sportsman’s Club.  If you attended any of the patio shows last year, you know they ruled big time.  This year will be slightly different, in that they will rule even harder than last year.  We’re talking falling leaves, a campfire, amazing cocktails, the best stand-up comics in Chicago, and most of all – best friends; all taking place at one of the coolest bars in the city.  The shows will run every Thursday from September 20th through October 25th, so get your pals on the horn, start clearing your Thursday evening schedules, and then re-fill your Thursday evening schedules with Parlour Car, babiez.  Oh and the shows will start 30 mins earlier this year (at 8:30pm), in an attempt to keep the ol’ police from raining on our sweet hot time.

First show: Thursday, September 20, 2018.  8:30pm.  Free.  The best.