Parlour Car ~ March 2nd, 2017


Yooooooo hello friends hey okay yes.  Alright so sometimes there’s a whole bunch fun cool friends in town visiting and it’s like maybe there’s not enough room for everyone on a single standup show, but what if we just said fuck that and booked everyone and we all had a hot fun cool time?  Right exactly, the second option sounds way more dope so we’re gonna do that tonight because for sure.  It’s gonna rule hard like always so bring some friends because friends rule the hardest.  Le peep:

Brian Babylon (Comedy Central; NPR’s Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me)
Peter Kim (Second City; Crowd Sourced; Laugh Factory)
Brandi Denise (2 Queens 1 Mic; Laugh Factory)
CJ Toledano (Bleacher Report; The Onion; Fallon)
Bob Palos (Lantern Hall; in from NYC)
Dale McPeek (Dale’s Very Important Comedy Show)
Eli Hamilton (Laugh Factory; Live From the Basement)
Audrey Jonas (Hoo Ha Comedy)
AJ Lubecker (Laugh Factory; Funked UP Fridays)
Sneaky Special Guest (maybs)

So okay yeah this is a shitload of comics but it’ll be way major good and fun and cool.  Come hang if you’re into things that are cool and good.  9pm.  Free.  Bar DeVille.

Parlour Car ~ February 23rd, 2017


Sup friends hey hi hello cool hi. Yet another way tardy post here but it’s okay because tonight is gonna be real top notch. We’re talking big time top notch cool hot times.  Yo call a best friend and let’s have a best friend’s time together. Also let’s peep this red hot fire pants lineup:

Felonius Munk (Comedy Central; The Nightly Show)
Matty Ryan (MTV’s Acting Out; NBC’s Chicago Justice)
Kellye Howard (NBC’s Last Comic Standing; NBC’s Chicago Justice)
Rachel McCartney (100 Proof Comedy; Laugh Factory)
Zach Peterson (Arguments & Grievances; VHS Show)
Justin Golak (Rooftop Comedy; Album “Safe Space)
Kate Bennett (Galentine’s Day Show)

Okay cool fun good. Come hang even if your friends are busy, you can make a cool new friend or two or three. 9pm. Free. Bar DeVille.

Parlour Car ~ February 16th, 2017

Hi, hello! The weather robot on my phone says it’s going to be 61 degrees tomorrow, so if you come out to the show tonight and drink until it’s tomorrow, you probably only need a light jacket. Is that how meteorology or time works? It’s hard to say. What I do know for sure is that all these pals will be on our not-really-haunted-haunted-stage tonight:

Derek Smith (The Lincoln Lodge)
Xavier Lamont (Comedy Central; Laugh Factory)
Reena Calm (Laugh Factory; Zanies)
Stephanie Hasz (The Comedy Exposition; Parlour Car)
Bill Bullock (It’s Happening)
Dan Sheehan (We Still Like You; Not a Wolf)
Madeleine Russell (Making her Parlour Car debut!)
Sam Norton (Last Parlour Car before moving to Canada!)

It’s gonna be good good good times. Also, we have a new couch. With a matching chair and everything. Come sit on it. 9pm.  Free.  Bar DeVille.

Parlour Car ~ February 9th, 2017


Whoaaaaaaaa friends whoa whoa whoa 100% latest post ever of all time for real most likely probably.  Zero time for the chatting here.  Tonight’s show will rule like it always rules.  Bring friends.  Peep:

T. Murph (Comedy Central; Key & Peele; NBC’s Chicago Fire)
Matty Ryan (MTV’s Acting Out; NBC’s Chicago Justice)
Alex Kumin (NBC Breakout Fest; Lincoln Lodge)
Stephanie Hasz (Bridgetown Comedy Fest; Parlour Car)
Cleveland Anderson (Hooray for Me Show)
Paul Thomas as Dan Peff (Defiant Thomas Brothers)
Aaron Sutherland (This Week’s Show)
Sneaky spesh?  (maybs)

Cool cool okay yes come hang and bring friends and have them bring a friend.  Yes good. 9pm.  Free.  Bar DeVille.

Parlour Car ~ February 2nd, 2017


Sup sup suppppp friends hey okay cool.  Actually not so much “cool” as it is “another week entrenched in a storm of shit-fire.”  If you don’t know what a shit-fire storm is, it’s that thing where fiery heaps of excrement rain down incessantly from above, and there’s a rapidly twisting tornado, also comprised of fiercely blazing feces, and no one can predict what the smoldering shit tornado will envelop next.  It’s that.  But Bar DeVille has a strong roof, and Parlour Car has a very strict “no lighting your shit on fire” policy, so tonight will be cool and fun and chill and rad.  Lineup features some fun Chi pals, NYC pals, TV pals, pal pals so yes cool let’s peep:

Andy Sandford (CONAN; Aqua Teen Hunger Force; in from NYC)
Matty Ryan (MTV’s Acting Out; NBC’s Chicago Justice)
Marty DeRosa (Comedians You Should Know; Wrestling With Depression pod)
Alex Kumin (NBC’s Breakout Fest; Lincoln Lodge)
Bill Bullock (Congrats on Your Success; It’s Happening!)
Meredith Kachel (Chicago Underground Comedy;
Eli Hamilton (Laugh Factory; Live From the Basement)
Nate Simmons (Chicago Underground Comedy)
Audrey Jonas (Hoo Ha Comedy)

Dope okay so yes good.  Do that thing where you call a best friend or two or three and you guys hang out for a while and smoke some vapes and then come to Parlour Car and hang super hard.  9pm.  Free.  Bar DeVille.

Parlour Car ~ January 26th, 2017 ~ 4 Year Anniversary SHOW/PARTY

Yoooookay friends hiiiiiiiiii.  Before we delve into tonight’s show let’s quickly touch on the horse-fuck of a week it’s been since last Friday.  It’s very bad.  Scary, even.  Keep calling your reps.  Take care of each other.  Pay attention.  These are all very important. And while it feels strange to engage in an anniversary celebration while in the midst of this fresh nightmare, it’d be more strange and sad and weird and not-cool if we didn’t, so let’s fucking party tonight.  Tonight marks the 4 year anniversary of Parlour Car, which means a super dope fun cool show/party featuring 20 or so of our favorite comedians doing short sets.  It’s always a delightful shitshow in the best kind of way.  Let’s peep these sweet pals with too many TV/film/standup credits to list but we did some anyway:

Sean Flannery (Comedy Central; This Is Not Happening; Mash Up)
Matty Ryan (MTV’s Acting Out; NBC’s Chicago Justice)
Felonius Munk (Comedy Central; The Nightly Show)
Kellye Howard (NBC’s Last Comic Standing; NBC’s Chicago Justice)
Adam Burke (NPR’s Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me; Funny or Die’s Oddball Fest)
T. Murph (Comedy Central; Key & Peele; NBC’s Chicago Fire)
Danny Kallas (Comedians You Should Know; Laugh Factory)
Rebecca O’Neal (WCIU; Bridgetown Comedy Fest; Laugh Factory)
Marty DeRosa (Comedians You Should Know; Wrestling w/Depression)
Kristen Toomey (Comedians You Should Know; Laugh Factory)
Alex Kumin (NBC’s Breakout Fest; Lincoln Lodge)
Reena Calm (Laugh Factory; Zanies)
Stephanie Hasz (Comedy Secrets; Comedy Exposition; Parlour Car)
Erica Clark (Comedy Central’s Hart of the City; Laugh Factory)
Rachel McCartney (Rainbow Connection Queer Comedy Tour; 100 Proof Comedy)
Kristen Lundberg (The Symphony; Laugh Factory)
Xavier Lamont (Laugh Factory; Zanies)
Abi Sanchez (Laugh Factory; Funked Up Fridays)
Melody Kamali (Hoo Ha Comedy; Guest List Comedy)
Ricky Gonzalez (Comedians You Should Know; Lincoln Lodge)
AJ Lubecker (Laugh Factory; Funked Up Fridays)
Paul Farahvar (Laugh Factory; Drink Date Laugh)
Dale McPeek (This Week’s Show; Stand Up Stand Up)

If you think this looks outlandish and ridiculous, you’re absolutely correct.  Like for real it’s insane on several levels but mostly in regards to quality and quantity.  Also, this is gonna be the most fun.  Bring a couple best friends to experience this with because best friends rule.  9pm.  Free.  Bar DeVille.

Parlour Car ~ January 19th, 2017



Wellllllll okay then friends.  There’s no beating around the bush that tomorrow is gonna happen for real which is terrifying.  Honestly it’s hard to joke about.  Let’s enjoy a nice pre-oligarchy Parlour Car tonight.  It’ll be a real fun hoot with Chi pals, outta town friends, and a couple sneaky special guesters.  Grab a couple best friends in a big way because of course and friends rule and tonight is gonna rule so okay yes.  Let’s peep this lineup with double sneakies:

Felonius Munk (Comedy Central; Black Side of the Moon)
Reena Calm (Laugh Factory; Zanies)
Brandi Denise (Laugh Factory; Revival Theater)
Nick Rouley (Jam Sandwich Pod; Freak Happening)
Charlie Vergos (Laughing Skull Fest; Hell Yes Fest)
Sneaky special guest (yaz)
Sneaky special guest (yazzz)

Dopeeeeee dope dope dope.  So again with the best friends thing, because they’re the best.  Call a few.  Grab some drinkies.  Have a time.  Come to Pcar.  Is good.
9pm.  Free.  Bar DeVille