Parlour Car ~ April 27th, 2017

Yes yes yesssssss friends hi.  Yet another Late City, USA sitch here but we promise to get way better about it this summer.  Planning ahead, not being dumb weens, etc.  Not to say that being a dumb ween is bad, it’s totally fine.  So if you have any fun dumb ween stories, write them down and come tell some friends tonight.  Oh and also tell your best friends about the show and bring them to hang and also peep dis lineup:

Adam Burke (NPR’s Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me; Funny or Die’s Oddball Fest)
Kellye Howard (NBC’s Last Comic Standing; Chicago Justice)
Reena Calm (Laugh Factory; Zanies)
Em Brown (Jokes and Notes; Laugh Factory)
David Venhuizen (RIOT LA; Moontower; in from LA)
Brandi Denise (2 Queens 1 Mic; Laugh Factory)
Jeff Steinbrunner (CYSK NYC; in from NYC)
Maybe more let’s party and hang

Dope.  9pm.  Free.  Bar DeVille.

Parlour Car ~ April 20th, 2017

Yoooooo friends hi hello hi.  Super late as always and we’re sorry but let’s be friends about it.  Thanks a bunch to everyone who came out last week and dealt with how overpacked it was.  It made for an extra cool special night and y’all rule and are good pals.  What will also rule and involves good pals is tonight’s show.  Because it will rule and the whole lineup is good pals.  And let us peep:

Matty Ryan (MTV’s “Acting Out”; NBC’s “Chicago Justice”)
Erica Clark (Comedy Central’s “Hart of the City”; “How To Be a Stalker”)
T. Murph (Comedy Central’s “Key & Peele”; NBC’s “Chicago Fire”)
Stephanie Hasz (Comedy Exposition; Comedy Secrets)
Cleveland Anderson (Yeah Buddy Awesome Time)
Paul Farahvar (Laugh Factory; Drink Date Laugh)
Chris Condren (Album “Total Garbage”)
Stephanie Weber (Lincoln Lodge)
Sneaky Spesh? (maybz)

Cool okay yes good.  If any of your best friends are into shit that rules, they will like this show.  Also, if you are someone who feels favorably about shit that rules, you will assuredly dig this.  9pm.  Free.  Bar DeVille.

Parlour Car ~ April 13th, 2017 ~ Comedy Central’s “Comics to Watch” Audition Showcase


Hey friends hi okay.  Tonight’s show is gonna be a little different in a rad way.  It’s serving as an audition showcase for Comedy Central’s annual “Comics to Watch” show, which will take place in San Francisco this June.  Tonight’s lineup features a dozen of Chicago’s best comics, and will be the most dope.  Peep the roster and more info on CTW below.

9pm.  Free.  Bar DeVille.

Felonius Munk
Matty Ryan
Kristin Toomey
Rebeca O’Neal
Sammy Arechar
T Murph
Danny Kallas
Melody Kamali
Russ Williamson
Lucas O’Neil
Tien Tran
Calvin Evans

“Comics to Watch” is an annual showcase featuring a wide range of diversely talented young comedians selected by Comedy Central to identify the best new stand-up comedians from multiple cities across the country. The showcase is an effort to help launch the careers of the next generation of comedians by putting them in front of industry executives and comedy fans. “Comics to Watch” is an important step in the development process at Comedy Central with several performers from past “CTW” showcases having gone on to make various more appearances on Comedy Central including “The Half Hour” which for many of the comedians, is their first solo stand-up special.  Those selected will perform on the “Comics to Watch” showcase at Colossal Clusterfest in San Francisco in June 2017.

Parlour Car ~ April 6th, 2017


Hi hi hi hi hi hi late late late late friends.  Hoo boy.  First of all, if you came to hang last week, thanks a bunch for being cool with our broken sound system.  Also like, it was a fun little hoot for us all and we experienced a unique Pcar together that was almost like an a cappella unplugged show.  What a gas.  Okay so anyway tonight will also be a major cool gas with some outta town friends and maybe a fun sneaker.  Let’s peep these sweets:

Megan Gailey (Conan; Comedy Central; MTV; in from LA)
Shane Torres (Conan; Comedy Bang Bang; in from NYC)
Xavier Lamont (Laugh Factory; Zanies)
Jeff Scheen (FOX; Laughing Skull Fest; in from NYC)
Melody Kamali (Hoo Ha Comedy; Guest List Show)
Deanna Ortiz (Lincoln Lodge; Hoo Ha Comedy)
Mike O’Keefe  (NBC’s Seeso; Sirius XM)
Jason Melton (Yeah Buddy Awesome Time; Is Tom Laughing)
Special Sneaker (proz yaz)

Dope dope dope dopeeeeeeee.  Cool so come hang because this’ll be the best and the sound system is way slicked up for a fun cool night of treats and sweets and meats for how ever many best friends you want.  9pm.  Free.  Bar DeVille.

Parlour Car ~ March 30th, 2017


Sup sup sup sup sup yessss friends hey.  Another way super late last minute Charlie situation here so no time for nonsense.  That’s the only way to describe these posts.  Ridiculous nonsense.  So kudos to the champs that actually read through these unhinged ramblings that  have zero reason to exist except to have some words above and below the nast-village lineups every week.  Oh right and speaking of that nast-village and sweet meat lineups let’s go on and peep a good one:

Janelle James (Comedy Central’s @midnight; Seeso’s Night Train w/ Wyatt Cenac)
Adam Burke (NPR’s Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me; Funny or Die’s Oddball Fest)
Rebecca O’Neal (NBC’s Breakout Fest; Oddball Fest; WCIU)
Sam Evans (JFL Montreal; in from NYC)
Marilee Pheniece (Manic Music Mondays; Not Another Black Movie)
Eli Hamilton (Laugh Factory; Live From the Basement)
Tim McLaughlin (Laugh Factory; Blind Bet; Cigars and Stripes Favorite)

Right cool okay so exactly.  Fun and good.  A fun idea would be to bring a best friend or maybe perhaps you could have a best friend meet you there or alternatively you could meet your new best friend tonight but regardless come hang.  9pm.  Free.  Bar DeVille.


Parlour Car ~ March 23rd, 2017

Happy spriiiiiiiiiing!!! We’ve been ironing our cargo shorts all week in preparation for tonight. Those pockets are CRISP. Throw on your finest pair of flip-flops and pop some vitamins because we are ready to rage like party bears emerging from hibernation.

Bill Bullock (It’s Happening; Congrats on Your Success)
Stephanie Hasz (Parlour Car; The Comedy Exposition)
Jay Washington (Chiraq; back from LA)
Allison Dunne (Ladylike)
Nick Rouley (Jam Sandwich)
Ben Noble (Zanies)
Toby McMullen (Laugh Factory)
More people? Yeah, probably.

OK we need to go polish our sunglasses, so go take care of your business and we’ll see you tonight with 2 to 9 of your best friends. 9pm. Free. Bar DeVille.

Parlour Car ~ March 16th, 2017

Hi hi hi hiiiiiiiiiiii friends hey.  First of all big thanks to Hannibal for closing out the show last week because he’s a good pal and it’s always a fun hoot when he pops in.  Also tonight is going to be a major fun hoot with good pals aplenty, including some cool outta town pals, some best Chi pals and a sneaky special pal.  It’ll be way dope because it never isn’t.  Hot sweets cool meats let’s peep:

Peter Kim (Second City; Crowd Sourced; Laugh Factory)
Matty Ryan (MTV’s Acting Out; NBC’s Chicago Justice)
Alex Kumin (NBC’s Breakout Fest; Lincoln Lodge; Laugh Factory)
Marilee Pheniece (Manic Music Mondays; Not Another Black Movie)
Em Brown (Laugh Factory; The Funny Side Comedy Show)
Deanna Ortiz (Lincoln Lodge; Hoo Ha Comedy)
Jaffer Khan (Funny or Die’s Oddball Fest; in from Houston)
Chris O’Connor (Boston Comedy Fest; in from Philly)
Sneaky Spesh Guest (yaz)

Cool cool cool dope dope doooooope.  Tonight will be good and fun and good like always.  Another thing that’s fun and good is friends so bring some.  9pm.  Free.  Bar DeVille.